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Strategic skills needs for the bio-medical industries: A report for the National Strategic Skills Audit for England 2010

The aim of the study is to assess the strategic skill needs of the bio-medical sector. This sector has been defined as the combination of the pharmaceutical, medical biotechnology, and medical technologies sectors; in other words, those industries which produce the drugs, therapies, and equipment for the health care system in the UK and abroad. Because of major scientific breakthroughs over recent years which have the scope to radically improve the well being of the population – especially those currently suffering or at risk of chronic illness – the industry is very much seen as one with colossal future potential. From an employment and skills perspective there are many uncertainties relating to the situation in England but, on balance, the outlook is an optimistic one. England currently has an enviable position in the global market given the level of research and development activity which is concentrated in the country, especially around Cambridge and the corridor from the west of London and along the Thames Valley towards Oxford. It also has a substantial manufacturing capacity to be found across the country but notably in the North West and South East.