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Skills in the digital economy: Where Canada stands and the way forward

The purpose of this research is to understand new and emerging skills required in the digital economy, nature and scope of the skills gaps, various causes of skills gaps, the impact on Canadian businesses, and how they respond. Hence, this report: 1. Provides a brief overview of the digital economy; how and why technologies are transcending all sectors. 2. Defines the new and emerging skills shaping the new economy and outlines the skills necessary to succeed in today‘s digital economy. 3. Explores the ―skills gap‖ concept in the Canadian context. 4. Highlights the strategies to address skill-related trends and challenges. 5. Provides case studies to showcase how companies address different aspects of the ever-changing skills landscape of the Canadian labour market. 6. Summarizes the policy responses to overcome skill-related challenges that will help Canadians compete and operate in the digital economy.