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Satisfaction de la vie professionnelle, réseaux sociaux et employabilité chez les jeunes salariés de 18/30 ans

Employability is a concept mobilized by authors from different disciplines such as economics (Gazier 1989; Outin 1990), psychology (Berntson, 2008), social sciences (Leduc Browne, 1999), management science (Dietrich, 2010; Baruel Bencherqui, 2005). This research deals more specifically with the intention of developing their employability (Hategekimana and Roger, 2000, 2002) among young employees of 18 to 30 years. Thus quantitative analysis of a sample of 160 young employees were conducted to examine what are the factors involved in this plan to develop their employability. The results of our study show a difference in the intention of developing their employability between women and men and they highlight the importance, for young employees to the satisfaction in working life and the role of networks (social, intra- and inter-organizational) on the intention to develop their employability. [googletranslate_en]