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Rebalancing the economy sectorally and spatially: An evidence review: Volume 2 – International case studies

The study’s emphases were on providing conceptual, empirical, and policy perspectives on the ‘rebalancing’ issue, and offering guidance on what might assist in ‘rebalancing’ the UK economy, particularly from a skills and employment policy perspective. More specifically, the research questions were as follows: • What is the nature and scale of the ‘rebalancing’ challenge in the UK, and its causes? • What has been the rationale for government intervention in the sectoral and spatial structure of the economy, both at home and abroad? • What types of interventions have been employed by governments to influence the sectoral and geographical structure of the economy, particularly in terms of skills and employment interventions? • What works and why? What have been the relevance, effectiveness and impacts of previous policy initiatives in ‘rebalancing’ the economy sectorally and spatially? • What might be done in the UK to create a more (re)balanced economy, help create the new economic circumstances, sectors, products and services on which a successful, sustainable and competitive economy can be built? And what are the implications for, and on, skills policy in supporting this process?