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Quelle entreprises pratiques la gestion des compétences?

In a context of high unemployment, the share of recruitment projects deemed “difficult” increased considerably by French firms in recent years, from 32.4% to 44.4% between 2015 and 2018 [1]. Insufficient training of candidates and lack of skills are among the most often cited by employers for reasons explain this paradox. Some studies suggest as well as the French education system fails to meet the needs of the labor market. [2]
Given the real gap between supply and demand for labor, the analysis can not however be limited to point out the shortcomings of the candidates. It must also focus on the ability of companies to identify, mobilize and develop the skills of their employees. [3] This “talent management” has several advantages: it promotes the hiring profiles that businesses need, it helps to better absorb technological or economic shocks and finally it accompanies changes in work organization.
Yet only a quarter of private sector companies undertake systematically in a skills management approach, with marked differences related mainly to the size of the company and the industry. [googletranslate_en]