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Pourquoi la méthode de l’Action Learning offre-t-elle un double intérêt managérial? Essai de réponse par une approche qualitative et opérationnelle

This article attempts to explain the surprising dual managerial interest of Action Learning, which is a method of collaborative intelligence in a small group of diverse people still little known and practiced in France, which is based on an exclusive questioning approach . This method makes it possible to solve quickly and creatively real problems, complex and relatively urgent experienced organizations effectively and simultaneously develop communication and leadership skills of the participants. To support his argument, the author relies on a qualitative and operational approach of the method using a set of mini-case real corporate use as well as an educational practice of a few years in programs a great school of management and in seminars with the board and coaching practitioners. Then, are discussed the main advantages and benefits but also the limits and conditions for operational success of this method of collaborative thinking and what distinguishes neighboring appearance of methods, including that of “co-development” of Canadian origin . Finally, the author points out that this method of team thinking is very consistent with the desired working mode by the new generations. [googletranslate_en]