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Partnering for a better future for Ontario

From the insights gathered over the past year, we have produced this report, Partnering for a Better Future for Ontario, which examines Ontarians’ feedback, using it to shape universities’ own commitments to help forge a prosperous and hopeful province, as well as our recommendations to governments and policy makers.We believe that Ontario’s brand as an open and cosmopolitan society, with a high quality of life, a large talent pool and an innovative tech and business environment, gives us a global edge at a time when some of Canada’s major competitors are becoming more insular. This is Ontario’s moment to shine, and our 21 universities will work with our partners across all sectors to drive economic prosperity and improve quality of life in three key ways: 1. Helping students thrive. We are committed to nurturing successful citizens and strengthening Ontario’s talent pipeline by preparing every student with the skills they need for the workforce now and in the future, expanding experiential learning in their programs, providing career, social and mental-health support, and ensuring that every young Ontarian who is qualified for a place in university has access. 2. Supporting our communities. We are committed to helping enhance the quality of life for Ontarians through our research and local partnerships in areas such as health care, the aging population, municipal services, infrastructure, transit and arts and culture. 3. Driving a growing, dynamic province. We are committed to helping our economy grow by educating the talented graduates that employers need to be competitive here and abroad; supporting entrepreneurism and innovation; attracting the best talent to Ontario from around the world; and contributing to the clean technologies and low-carbon practices to help promote sustainable growth.