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Navigating change: 2018 business council skills survey

Advancements in technology are changing today’s work environment at an ever-increasing pace. Nevertheless, Canadian organizations recognize the ongoing need for the œhuman touch and are taking steps to ensure they have employees with the necessary skills and attributes. Based on a survey of 95 leading Canadian employers, Navigating Change: 2018 Business Council Skills Survey examines the shifting nature of the Canadian labour market. Respondents–HR executives at Canada’s largest companies–were asked to reflect on major challenges and opportunities in finding, training and retaining talent. This report does not attempt to quantify the overall impact of innovation on jobs, but to understand how Canadian businesses are responding to this and other trends. Major takeaways from the survey include: 1 Technology will change, not destroy, jobs 2 Employers have high and rising expectation of new grads 3 Businesses are creating diverse partnerships with post-secondary institutions 4 Employers are spending more on training 5 A diverse and healthy workforce is a priority Despite current anxieties about the impact of disruptive innovation and new technologies, employers do not predict a large number of total job losses. Employers are looking for talented graduates capable of rapidly acquiring a comprehensive mix of skills. Organizations are working with schools to build work-integrated learning programs. More than 50 per cent of organizations reported spending at least $1000 a year, per employee. Respondents report that they are actively working towards having a workforce with diverse skills and creating a culture that supports employee well-being.