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Monitoring Ireland’s skills supply 2019

This report has been compiled by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit in SOLAS on behalf of the National Skills Council. The aim is to provide a profile of the existing and potential supply of skills in Ireland in terms of field of education and level. The data covers the current skills of the population and the latest available data on outputs from the education and training system. Every year, a number of individuals leave the education and training system with qualifications across all levels of the National Framework of Qualifications and in different fields of learning. On completion of their studies, many of these learners may choose to enter the workforce. By examining the number of people emerging with qualifications from the different levels of the education and training system, the potential supply of skills in Ireland can be estimated. This report also examines data from the Central Statistic Office’s Labour Force Survey (LFS) and outlines the profile of the adult population in terms of skills by level and field of learning.