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Lifelong skills: Equipping Australians for the future of work

Technology is changing the way we live, work and learn. This report aims to suggest ways we can ensure Australia is well prepared to respond to emerging challenges. The report is a successor to the 2015 report, ‘Innovate and prosper: ensuring Australia’s future competitiveness through university-industry collaboration’ , and builds on its core themes of collaboration and innovation. The recommendations focus on policy measures and actions that can better equip students for the employment pathways of the future. They are: (1) support Australians lifelong learning needs; (2) equip learners with enterprise skills and competences; (3) facilitate flexible pathways to meet the needs of future learners; (4) continue to promote industry-university collaboration by streamlining and removing barriers; and (5) ensure all Australians have access to meaningful, relevant education information and data.