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Libérer l’innovation pour stimuler la mise à l’échelle et la croissance

We believe the following five interventions can help boost Canada’s innovation agenda.
 1. To catalyze the formation of “innovation markets” led by companies in the sectors and technologies where Canada is on a roll and where market participants need new solutions.
 2. Create additional growth capital pools to ensure that companies have enough capital to scaling and access to investors who can provide advice and other value-added support.
 3. Change our government procurement policies to incorporate strategic sourcing and innovation as the main objective. A turn of a supply system focused on the needs for a regime based on the value easier for the government and other public sector actors, is the first to become important consumers of Canadian innovative solutions to try those above and to confirm.
 4. Review and streamline the government’s innovation programs and to scale those whose incidence has been established. Examining regulatory and eliminate or reorganize those who would harm the development of priority sectors and markets innovation.
 5. Accelerate the entry of the most talented people with an immigration policy which helps to reduce the shortage of talent in high growth companies, as well as reinvigorate the talent pool to using a focused strategy on innovation and talent and the program future Skills Canada. [googletranslate_en]