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La transformation numérique et les patrons

The digital transformation of companies is underway. It impacts all of their activities, their way of producing up their relationships with subcontractors and the customer experience. The organization of work is changing, too, as a result of these new technologies. We often hear the digital actors speak about the best ways to carry out these changes. What about “traditional” companies? How Leaders at the controls they consider this transformation?
 This book gives voice to business leaders to understand their perception of digitization and how they implement it. It brings together a series of interviews conducted by Christophe Deshayes from business owners of all sizes, from various fields of activity, and public and cooperative organizations.
 The collection of Docs La Fabrique brings together texts that have not been developed at the request or under the control of its board of direction, but provide incentives for thought to the debate on industry issues. We hope that it will find interested readers among industrialists and policy makers and will be happy to give feedback. [googletranslate_en]