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La transformation numérique des filières industrielles, un facteur-clef de leur compétitivité et de leur survie. La nécessité de disposer de standards d’échange et de plateformes collaboratives numériques

The digital transformation of industrial sectors has become vital, as leverage essential not only competitive, but also their survival. That is why many of them engaged with the Association of strategic projects AFNeT digital processing based on international standards and on digital collaborative platforms, following the example of the aircraft and its BoostAeroSpace hub that ‘using thousands of companies. The ambition is to “play group” to win together and lead all the companies of these “communities of fate” (especially SMEs) in the digital revolution. These projects allow industrial sectors to improve their competitiveness, because digital offers great opportunities and “business models” break to those who can exploit them and, on the contrary, serious source of danger for those who are incapable. These projects also help to better withstand the disruptive new actors “ubérisent” the economy, which came to power thanks to digital through customer relationship and gradually challenge upstream of the value chain. [googletranslate_en]