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La postmodernité dans l’entreprise : quel manager pour relever le défi?

The modern period is now complete. Our thought patterns that founded all rational management are changing. The values ​​of modernity are now saturated and the old model Taylorian no longer able to organize life in the company. We are on the verge of a major paradigm shift with the advent of postmodernism and its emerging values ​​meet more logical and emotional community. Large socio-economic changes are underway.
 In this context of postmodern emerging, companies should they change their approach to their organization and management? What kind of manager can meet the challenge of taking account of postmodernity in its daily practices? This article proposes a conceptual review to remain in phase with major socio-economic changes that surround and impact business. We present a translation of Maffesoli work on postmodernism in the management field. Now, new management practices have to worry about quality advantage of living together at work and cooperative practices. In numéritie universe, it is important to move the center of gravity of managerial action and managers must take the measure of individual performance to the regulation of interpersonal relations.
 Then a new manager whose businesses need to be able to take into account the intimate aspirations of staff. Postmodern manager which are outlined here the new features should organize the “working together” in a friendly and caring atmosphere. This must embody a postmodern management characterized by some simple but new missions detailed in the article and which are centered around the regulation. Our proposal for managerial positions to consider whether particular feeding practices observations already established in business and deserve to be developed, these observations to be tested and ultimately consolidated by subsequent field study. [googletranslate_en]