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La Grande École du Numérique : les paradoxes d’une politique de promotion des formations techniques centrées sur l’apprentissage du code informatique

Since 2013, there has emerged in France a set of initiatives promoting training in computer code. Presented as obvious as an accompaniment to the digital transformation of organizations, this craze for short courses will give birth in 2015 to a national scheme called “Great School Digital”, which accredits these courses and aims to train 10,000 new people in three years. There are now 400 and labeled programs by this device and many thousands of people trained through them. The institutionalization of this device was very quick: there are indeed less than nine months between the announcement and its implementation. The objective of this article is to show how this valuation may seem paradoxical. We will see in fact that around the concept of “computer code” there is a promotion of it as a skill. Indeed, this valuation code is played primarily on a symbolic level. Theoretically and empirically, she confronts many contradictions, both from the standpoint of the history of computer programming instruction than that of the space occupied by IT developers in the division of labor, and especially economic and social views, especially on the issue of employability. [googletranslate_en]