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La formation : une dynamique collective pour l’industrie

Economic changes, technological and societal currently at work is accompanied by a profound change of business, translating is certainly by job losses, but also creations.
 Studies by the National Council of Industry, it is clear that what is involved, this is not the first initial and continuous training system, but the lack of a strategic vision and shared needs medium term to jobs in industry, skills, trades, in knowledge and in recruitment.
 It is important that within ad hoc consultation bodies (National Council of Industry Alliance Industry Future …), all stakeholders (government, industry players, employees and their representatives …) mobilize to put national and continuing education at the heart of a national ambition industrial reconquest and identify the levers of political cross-industry skills renewal in France, which is in the stakes (priorities committees strategic sector, industry plan future industrial solutions of New France industrial, digital strategy, etc.). A proactive approach and strategic division that will contribute to long-term competitiveness of the industry, the development of activities and employment, and enable career and professional transitions successful. [googletranslate_en]