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La compétence numérique de gestion des frontières sur les réseaux sociaux numériques : un capital culturel technologique à la Bourdieu

Some digital social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for example, offer the ability to connect to contacts both professional and personal, and to share information (messages, photos, videos, etc.) falling within two areas . The social circles of an individual, which are widely segmented in daily life and collide on digital social networks, with sometimes very beneficial consequences, and sometimes very harmful to personal relationships and professional reputations. This article proposes a conceptual analysis of the management of borders between professional and personal identities on social network sites as a digital competence and a form of cultural capital to technology Bourdieu (1979). First, the article defines the border management between roles and identities as a wholly competence. Then it presents the specificities of public mediated interactions on digital social networks compared to direct interaction and private interactions mediated; these characteristics imply that the border management skills must be implemented in the digital sphere. The article continues by illustrating this new digital competence by presenting a typology of four border management strategies between professional and personal identities on social network sites. Finally, the article analyzes the digital competence of border management online as a form of incorporated cultural capital and, more specifically, as a technological cultural capital that acts as a symbolic capital to build and develop the social capital of an individual. [googletranslate_en]