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Jobs for the future: Adding 1 million rewarding jobs in NSW by 2036

Jobs for NSW was launched in August 2015 as a private sector-led and New South Wales (NSW) Government-backed initiative. Its goals are twofold: to help make the NSW economy as competitive as possible, and to fulfil the government’s primary objective for NSW of creating more jobs across the state.
This paper presents Jobs for NSW’s view on how NSW will secure its jobs for the future. Four unavoidable challenges to future jobs growth are identified (increasing global trade in the knowledge economy; new challenges in faster changing industries; task automation and unbundling; an ageing population) and a strategy proposed to turn these challenges into opportunities. The strategy provides four long-term priorities for job creation over the next 20 years and an agenda for action through to 2020. The strategies are: (1) growing exports; (2) opening doors for entrepreneurs; (3) drawing on all of the state’s people; and (4) skilling up for the knowledge economy.