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It’s time: Using Modern Apprenticeship to reskill America

With favorable economic conditions and accelerating changes to the nature of work, now is the time for US employers, policymakers, and governments to invest in the Modern Apprenticeship model. The Modern Apprenticeship is an enlightened 21st-century career pathway – a blend of classroom learning and work-based training aimed at preparing individuals of any age to meet sophisticated talent needs. Why ‘modern’? Although once exclusive to the trades, the Modern Apprenticeship is now used to build pipelines of highly qualified workers and future business leaders in a broad range of industries – from technology, health care, and finance to advanced manufacturing, green sciences, and civil service. This report dispels popular myths, shows that conditions are ripe for a widespread expansion of apprenticeship programs in the United States, and provides examples of success stories at the state, community, employer, and employee levels. excerpts from executive summary.