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Internet of things – Will humans be replaced or augmented?

Large-scale IoT problems often cannot be solved by either computers or human beings alone. […]there are significant opportunities in loT applications that are coupled with the notion of Augmented Intelligence. Organizations face multiple risks from AI in IoT, such as privacy intrusion, mechanistic decision-making and loss of managerial control. […]managers need to consider carefully for which task, in which way and to what extent IoT applications will be applied. IoT is such an area that can integrate human and computer intelligence to solve emerging problems. […]our society needs to adapt to the broader social, economic, behavioral and ethical implications of AI and Augmented Intelligence. According to Vincent Thomas, Client Engagement Leader, IBM Watson, “Cognitive systems are very good at doing the heavy lifting – pulling data together, analyzing the Information and then presenting the relevant answers to users so that they can make more confident and effective business decisions that Impact performance and revenue.”