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Innovation et qualité de vie au travail : les entreprises « libérées » tiennent-elles leurs promesses ?

“The company released in question HRD must position! “Was the title of a recent article in a professional journal. [7] Praised by some and criticized by others, the companies described as “liberated” raise a minimum of curiosity and challenge the present and the future of HRM.
 To believe its sponsors or supporters, this type of business would represent a new performance model: this would be achieved by the release of energy and employee involvement, through organizational methods and practices HRM characteristics. In particular, two beneficial effects would be sought in this model, and are the cause of the claimed performance: first, the development of the ability to innovate; secondly, improving the quality of life at work.
 Beyond the speeches, what can we say in practice? Companies that are displayed as “liberated” they actually generate more innovation and well-being at work? This article, after laying the foundation for a genealogy of model released enterprises, discusses the impacts on an exploratory case, that of a company of digital services. [googletranslate_en]