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Government report on the future, part 2: Solutions to the transformation of work

This is the second part of the Report on the Future by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government. The two-part Report on the Future serves as an opener for discussions for the coming years. The rationale underlying reports on the future is to identify and highlight issues that are important for decision making and will require attention in the future. The aim of this second part of the Report on the Future is to identify desirable futures, decision-making needs and societal issues related to work. These issues and their alternative solutions will also be considered and resolved by future governments. The report is part of a long-term decision-making process, where the debate on the future and transformation of work continues. The goal is that solutions to this phenomenon affecting the whole of society can be implemented over a long-time span exceeding the electoral term. The main observations of this publication crystallise as follows: the forms of working and employment relationships will become more varied, which will require changes, for instance, in legislation and social security. Work will be less anchored to certain times and locations, but the change is not equally strong or synchronous in all sectors. Education highlights continuous learning, and Finland needs a high-quality model for lifelong learning for all population groups. Flexibility is increasing on the labour market and in working life, and issues pertaining to income are emphasised. Social dialogue is needed on the different and changing instrumental values of work, in addition to economic values. Responsibility for launching this dialogue rests with decision-makers.