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Fintechs et banques : coopération et coopétition

Between fintechs and banks, the Mass is not known. Some think the “mammoth bank” is sentenced to short and medium term, others believe that the disruption of fintechs will be strong to the point they become the main actor of financial trades. The reality is less Manichean, because the future of finance will be made of cooperation between the players, although competition will exist as long as the positions will not be stabilized. Although innovation strategies fintechs correspond to the perception of the evolution of demand, innovations are not confined to new entrants and already cooperation in R & D and distribution appear in the capital and partnership forms. The prudential and resolution Authority (ACPR) questions the viability of models of some neo-banks and limits of cooperation – or coopetition – between actors. The new paradigm is not stabilized. [googletranslate_en]