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Evaluation of investors in people: Employer case studies

In April 2010 the UK Commission took strategic ownership of the Investors in People Standard from Investors in People UK. A key objective for the UK Commission is to encourage organisations to improve workforce skills and productivity. Investors in People (IiP) plays an important role in achieving this objective. This research is part of a wider two-year evaluation of IiP which will inform future policy and delivery arrangements for the Standard. It will help to measure the impact of IiP in order to demonstrate its value to organisations, exploring how and in what ways IiP impacts on businesses, and make future improvements to the Standard and its implementation. The overarching aim of the project is to develop a deeper understanding of the process of employer engagement with IiP and their views on the service delivery accompanying the IiP product and service offering. The objectives are to: understand how employers engage with and use Investors in People and implement organisational change; to identify any barriers or problems; to identify the impact of Investors in People on organisations; and to make suggestions for improving IiP delivery.