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Educating New Zealand’s future workforce: Technological change and the future of work

This draft report is part of the ‘Technological change and the future of work’ inquiry. This inquiry deals with the questions of how technology affects the economy and employment, and how New Zealand (NZ) can best position itself for future technological progress. This report addresses the following aspects of the inquiry’s terms of reference: How well does the NZ education system prepare people for future uncertainty? Does the national curriculum help or hinder? How well does the system promote flexibility and adaptability in students? Are there attributes of the system that close off student options too early? The report identifies opportunities to: better promote innovation and good practice across the education system; support better curriculum implementation; remove barriers (such as University Entrance) that constrain the ability of schools to provide relevant learning and career pathways for students; improve students’ ability to change what, how and where they study in tertiary education; and address digital inclusion for young people.