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Diversity & inclusion technology: The rise of a transformative market

This report, one of the first of its kind, is a comprehensive overview of a vigorous and evolving global market. It offers objective information about D&I technology by establishing a common framework for it and identifying key vendors and their respective solutions. Our goal is to provide key stakeholders, such as vendors, organizational leaders, and consumers, an overview of this dynamic and important human resources (HR) technology marketplace. Our journey to understand the D&I technology market began nearly a year ago when we, RedThread Research and Mercer, decided to partner on this research. We had a vague idea it was a œhot market, but we did not understand the extent of its size and reach. This report, with its 105 vendors and 13 customer stories, is the result of a nine-month long effort.To provide a comprehensive overview of the D&I tech market, we split our study into two phases. The first phase resulted in a qualitative report, published in September 2018, that summarized the D&I technology market landscape. The second phase of the study, the current report, adds a quantitative component to our understanding of the D&I technology landscape. In addition, we interviewed customers and reviewed more vendors, and wove their insights throughout the report. Finally, we included customer success stories and screenshots from the vendors those customers used, to bring the numbers to life