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Digcomp, le cadre de référence européen des compétences numériques

Digital competence can be defined as “the use of safe and critical the information society technologies (IST) ‘(EC, 2006: 7). Competence iconic 21st century, it is essential to the formation, work, leisure and the citizen participation. Noting the shortcomings of the population in this area – 40% of Europeans have an insufficient level of digital skills and among those who have none (22%) 42% are unemployed (EC, 2016A 3) – Commission European designed the DIGCOMP, a framework for digital skills. The goal? Support European countries in the design of policies, measures, programs and other devices supporting the development of digital skills.
 This framework holds our attention for its rigor, completeness and usability and the multiple uses to which it gives rise, including self-assessment skills tools. [googletranslate_en]