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Comprendre l’impact du numérique sur la gestion de projet en construction

The construction industry worldwide is currently facing dramatic changes as a result of digital technologies. Among the technological approaches, the approach BIM (Building Information Modeling) building information modeling has received considerable attention in recent years, both on the part of researchers as industry professionals, and its growing success seems have paved the way for major paradigm shifts in industry. Faced with these changes, the traditional skills of professionals and project managers do not seem sufficient to handle the new informational perspective construction project management. New skills become necessary, embodied in new roles (BIM managers, coordinators BIM, BIM modelers, information managers, etc.) are becoming increasingly important in the projects. Some studies have investigated these new roles on a theoretical level without addressing the question of their positioning relative to traditional roles in project management and how project managers and BIM specialists are positioned over generic process proposed in the guides ‘BIM implementation.
This case study shows that the roles of BIM experts are not the same from one discipline to another and that these roles are not only technical roles. In addition, the sub-process information seems to crystallize around BIM managers, which tends to create two sources of leadership in a project: BIM managers and project managers. The study also reveals that practitioners find that collaborative BIM process proposed in the implementation plan BIM and project documents are too generic and there is usually a gap between these processes and those actually used in the project. [googletranslate_en]