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Co-designing the National Skills Commission: Discussion paper

The National Skills Commission (Commission) will provide national leadership to the vocational education and training (VET) system. The Commission will oversee the Australian Government’s investment in VET and drive long-term improvements to the VET sector. It will undertake research and analysis of future skills needs across industry to ensure government funding addresses national labour market priorities including those arising from developing technologies. The Commission’s role and functions will be refined through the co-design process to ensure that the Commission complements and enhances the VET system, improves coordination, coherency and efficiency, and enables local and regional solutions., This discussion paper has been published to inform the conversation on what the final model may look like. Co-design for the Commission is focused on three broad questions: (1) Are the roles and responsibilities proposed for the National Skills Commission appropriate? (2) What organisational capabilities will the National Skills Commission need? (3) What governance is needed to give the National Skills Commission the legitimacy and impact it needs? Submissions, which close on 15 November 2019, will inform the best operating model of the Commission.