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Building the workforce of tomorrow: A shared responsibility

The Panel has made 28 recommendations in six key themes and two other areas. The government should take a leadership role in implementing the following four recommendations: 1. Establish a Planning and Partnership Table (PPT) chaired by
representatives from employers, education and government. This Table would be a formal institutionalized body responsible for producing results in the area of skills development and experiential learning opportunities that contribute to increased linkages to employment and entrepreneurship. The PPT should not be a government-driven body but should be strongly and actively supported by all stakeholders. (Recommendation 1-1)
2. Establish a Workforce Planning and Development Office, in the provincial government, to drive the delivery of the Panel’s recommendations and to support the government’s role at the Planning and Partnership Table. (Recommendation 1-2) 3. The Ontario government must take a leadership role in developing and making generally available high-quality labour market information so that everyone can make better decisions based on
timely, relevant, and understandable information. The Panel strongly encourages the Ontario Government to use the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) to drive this important reform. (Recommendation 2-1) 4. Expanding experiential learning opportunities is critical to success in the area of skills development. Therefore, Ontario should commit
to strengthening and expanding experiential learning opportunities across secondary, post-secondary, and adult learning environments. As a first step, Ontario should commit to ensuring that every student has at least one experiential learning opportunity by the end of secondary school (in addition to the existing volunteer requirements) and at least one by the time they graduate from post-secondary education. (Recommendation 3-2)