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Australia’s tech future: Delivering a strong, safe and inclusive digital economy

Australia’s Tech Future details how Australia can maximise the opportunities of technological change by focusing on four key areas: People: developing Australia’s digital skills and leaving no one behind; Services: how government can better deliver digital services; Digital assets: building infrastructure and providing secure access to high quality data; The enabling environment: maintaining our cyber security and reviewing our regulatory systems. Under each of these elements, the agenda sets clear outcomes, identifies opportunities and areas that need further focus, and outlines corresponding Government plans of action., The changing demand for skills will transform some jobs Australians have relied on for decades. The key challenge is for Australians to build the skills necessary to evolve with jobs as they change, and as new ones are created. Australian businesses success depends on the skills of their workforce. Access to skills and technologies will enable Australia’s existing industries to stay competitive, new industries to emerge, and our labour market to be flexible and diverse.