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Annual report 2017: Section 3.13: Settlement and integration services for newcomers

Profile 1: Mobilizing knowledge in commercial innovations From the lab bench to commercial innovation, Profile 1 introduces Cynthia Goh, Professor of Chemistry and Medical Science and Associate Director of the Institute for Optical Sciences at the University of Toronto. Learn how Cindy Goh has mobilised academic knowledge and entrepreneurial energy to found ViveTM Nano and Axela Inc., two highgrowth life science firms. Case themes: Strategies to mobilise academic knowledge into technology innovation, including information management, licensing, due diligence, leadership, performance benchmarks, and mentoring.Profile 2: Using the Internet to spur cultural change The Internet is increasingly a source of commercial opportunity. Profile 2 describes the strategies used by Sue Van Der Hout (a social entrepreneur and former Bay Street lawyer), to found an online magazine targeting women (see Girlphyte Inc. at http://www.girlphyte.com/). Learn about the magazine’s startup challenges and building business models. Case themes: Building profitable online services firm, including revenue models, types, access to capital, creativity, time to market, milestones, managing investor expectations, and reciprocity. Profile 3: Customer-focused leadership In 1993, former rocket scientist Dale Gantous joined the executive team of The InGenius Group of Companies. The company comprises InGenius People, a firm that provides IT professional services and InGenius Software, a firm that builds communications software for Voice over IP phone system customers. In Profile 3, learn how Dale Gantous is building a global, high performance, advanced technology firm. Case themes: Strategies to build highperformance advanced technology firms, including reputation, customer management, organizational culture, investing in R & D, and role modeling.Profile 4: Embracing government procurement opportunities Aboriginal business owner Angela O’Leary is the President of Nisha Technologies. With a focus on IT professional services and products, she has built her firm by targeting the Canadian federal government. In Profile 4, Angela O’Leary shares her experiences and gives advice about doing business with the federal government. Case themes: Strategies to sell to government clients, including monitoring contract opportunities, client stimulated growth, managing expectations, delegating, confidence, and finding qualified employees. Profile 5: Building collaborative capability in the information economy Serial entrepreneur, Cindy Gordon is the founding President of Helix Commerce International Inc., a firm that specialises in collaboration commerce (ccommerce). Helix Commerce International Inc. operates three whollyowned subsidiary operations: Helix Innovation Hive, Helix Talent, and Helix Virtual Worlds. In Profile 5, Cindy Gordon shares insights about her strategies to build a professional service enterprise. Case themes: Strategies to build professional service enterprise, including service models grounded in theory, auxiliary profit centres, annuity revenue models, certification, and targeting Fortune 500 businesses. Profile 6: Revolutionizing shopping through mass customization Unique Solutions Design founding President Tanya Shaw Weeks is creating threedimensional technologies that measure and monitor consumers’ body mass, information used to order customermade apparel and monitor health. Profile 6 provides an overview of Tanya Shaw Week’s exportoriented, technologybased operation and highlights the challenges of thinking globally. Case themes: Strategies to build global enterprises, including thinking global, multiple productuse technology platforms, acquisition, brand alliances, equity capital, due diligence, mentors, and equity capital. Profile 7: Using social capital to build partnerships Global entrepreneur and deal maker Joanne BallGautschi is the President of Partner International Inc., a firm that develops business relationships in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defence sectors. Profile 7 describes how one women business owner has built a global operation and network of over 80 Associates through social capital and proprietary market intelligence. Case themes: Strategies that build born global services firms, including social capital, performancebased compensation, cash flow, intellectual property and startup costs.Profile 8: Creating solutions through technology Founding owner of TBase Communication Inc., Sharlyn Ayotte is building accessible information technologies for the blind, and the visually and hearingimpaired. Profile 8 outlines Sharyn Ayotte’s journey from blind entrepreneur to a world leader in client solutions to transcribe printed information into braille, large print, audio and secure online formats. Case themes: Strategies to create solutions through technological: business models, product/market development, learning from lead customers, tax incentives, legislation, and certification. Profile 9: Technology that enables rapid growth Profile 9 presents biotechnologist Joyce Groote, owner of HoleysTM. Holeys is a world leader in the use of injection foam moulding technology. Learn how Joyce Groote has managed exponential global expansion and the strategies she is now pursing to sustain growth. Case themes: Strategies to sustain growth, including innovation, brand recognition, establishing performance standards, strategic flexibility, corporate values, networking, love money, and hiring. Profile 10: Building sustainable green technologies Profile 10 focuses on strategies to grow green technologies. 8D Technologies is a world leader in advanced and intelligent multifunction point of sale solutions. Cofounder, President and CEO Isabelle Bettez is creating innovative products and services such as 100% solarpowered municipal bike rentals and userfriendly parking pay stations. Case themes: Strategies to grow green technology, including technology platforms, government as client and partner, export, intellectual property, local partners, expansion, and time management.