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A work of art in the age of technological disruption: The future of work in the music industry

While the outlook on careers in the music industry is very good, the data on specific jobs are not current. With the emergence of new technologies and new licensing regulations related to e-commerce, industry leaders admit that new positions are always emerging and evolving. The number of companies associated with the music industry is quite significant, but in reality, the future of the industry will be dependent on the efforts of entrepreneurs. To that end, it is important for those interested in music production and management to become multidisciplinary learners, combining a number of skills associated with music production, promotion, licensing, and distribution. And since technologies are in a constant state of change, it would be wise for students to develop the ability to think critically and globally, with the understanding that any particular skill set is part of larger paradigms that shift to the tune of disruptive technologies, changing economies, and complex social relations.