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A review of reports from local immigration partnerships on immigrant settlement and integration

The purpose of this project is to scan and review reports from other Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) on immigrant settlement and integration, with a focus on the LIPs in Ontario. The project provides research support to the Guelph Welling-LIP Research Team in terms of reviewing priority areas of immigrant settlement and integration, and selecting potential performance indicators that can be used to assess those areas. We highlight some of the common priority areas and key indicators, as well as indicate the differences between the LIPs in terms of how the priority areas have been assessed, from the strategic plans and reports that we have obtained online or through email contact. In particular, the Bow Valley and Halton Region LIPs have specified the use of a Results-Based Accountability approach for the development of an assessment framework of immigrant integration, which works backwards from a vision and expected outcomes (ends) to performance indicators that track progress toward those outcomes (means).