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A digital future for Alberta: An analysis of digital occupations in Alberta’s high-growth sectors

In 2017, Alberta began a plan for diversification among many economic sectors in an attempt to ensure more sustainable, reliable and robust opportunities for growth. At the heart of these investments was a central focus on technology and its ability to propel both revenues and employment for the province. Anchored in primary evidence gathered from consultations with Albertan employers, and complemented by overall trend and data analysis, this study is an attempt to offer insight into the impact of technology and digital transformation on the Alberta labour force. With core digital occupations driving employment demand, this study forecasts critical employment trends for the top four high-growth sectors in the province until 2023. Section I of this report offers a historical overview of the Alberta economy. With emphasis on the energy sector as the (historically) most significant influencer of growth in the province, this section follows Alberta’s economic and employment trajectory from 2008 to the recent recession.Section II provides a view of recent trends and future economic prospects for the province. Starting from Alberta’s most recent journey into economic recovery, this section offers an introduction into the importance of technology for economic success and job growth.Section III paints a picture of Alberta’s future by showcasing employment growth forecasted across Alberta’s top four highgrowth sectors until 2023. For each sector, an analysis is provided of total employment, along with an understanding of the most in-demand digital and technical occupations. Employment forecasts for core digital roles and core technical roles are also included.Section IV provides an overview of Alberta’s largest municipalities, with the most substantial technology footprint. Employment forecasts in these key jurisdictions are showcased until 2023. The cities represented are: Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge.Section V points to the top five in-demand digital roles in Alberta, followed by the critical skillsets needed by tomorrow’s workforce.Section VI highlights supply trends in Alberta. Looking at recent developments across various streams such as new grads, women, immigrants and others, this section analyses the supply available to fill critical digital roles in Alberta’s future economy and growth sectors. This section also provides a snapshot of self-identified skill competencies among Alberta’s workers employed in the most in-demand digital roles.