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2018 regional skills demand profile: The Great South Coast

The Great South Coast Regional Skills Demand Profile is an outcome of the Regional Skills Taskforce – Great South Coast Region. Comprising prominent business leaders from the region, the Taskforce was established in December 2017 and chaired by the Victorian Skills Commissioner, Mr Neil Coulson. The Taskforce aimed to better understand local skills shortages, where local investment is being made, existing and future workforce training needs, and what skills will be required for local students, jobseekers and the workforce more broadly. The Regional Skills Demand Profile developed by the Taskforce notes that the Great South Coast’s industry profile reflects a highly diverse economy. Agriculture accounts for 16.1% of annual real gross value added and is a major driver of the region’s economy. Strong local and international demand has also led to major growth in food manufacturing, forestry and aluminium production industries. Similarly, the Great South Coast’s unique location is a geographic competitive advantage in aquaculture, wind generation and tourism in the region. Strong linkages across these major industries creates demand for the region’s transport, automotive, port operation, heavy manufacturing and construction industries. These sectors are important enablers of the region’s economy. Similarly, the flow of income from major industries, enabling industries, and households generates demand for services such as retail and hospitality across the Great South Coast.