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Pandemic issues

Many trends and disruptive changes were already occurring in the economy before the pandemic: the impact of technology and automation, shifting demographics, policy inequities that magnify income equality, uneven access to training, and global market forces, including climate change. COVID-19 has accelerated these trends and presented new challenges.

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Transforming learning in a pandemic contextexternal link icon

Across Canada, in-person learning opportunities for nursing students became limited or stopped completely at the…
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Working when sick: How workplace regulations and culture will impact the post-pandemic recovery

Efforts to improve public health and contain the spread of serious illness must focus on…
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Making up time: The impact of the pandemic on young adults in Canada

This report explores the experiences during the pandemic of younger adults, defined as those between…
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Lessons learned: The pandemic and learning from home in Canada

The Survey on Employment and Skills, conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research in…
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Supporting Entrepreneurship and SMEs: A Post-Pandemic Skills and Training Agenda

By combining preliminary data from an ongoing survey of SMEs, associated focus group discussions, and…
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The Mother of Invention: Skills for Innovation in the Post-Pandemic World

To be successful, Canada’s skills strategies must address skills for innovation across sectors from solo…
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Innovation in Post-Secondary Education

Canada’s post-secondary institutions are well positioned for the future, thanks to innovative approaches and a…
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Mind and body: Impact of the pandemic on physical and mental health

The second wave of the Survey on Employment and Skills was conducted in late 2020,…
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Building Inclusive Workplaces

A one-size-fits-all approach to pandemic recovery will not work. Programs tailored to the specific needs…