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Career guidance

With the pace of change occurring in today’s labour market, many Canadian adults will need to shift careers, retrain or upskill. Career guidance during this transition will be crucial to their success.

Future Skills at Cannexus23

Future Skills Centre (FSC) is partnering with CERIC to bring you a dedicated half-day stream…
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2022 Futures Workforce Development Conference

This year's Futures Conference focused on strengthening foundations for inclusion, professional development for the front…
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Using the talents of newcomers to Canadaexternal link icon

The skills and experience of new immigrants are often wasted due to regulations and discrimination.…
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Young adults have been hit hard by the pandemic. The recovery must not leave them behindexternal link icon

First Policy Response — Jan. 25, 2022. Written by Pedro Barata, Wendy Cukier, and Andrew Parkin.

Adults and career services: Three key findings

When I moved to Canada, I was completely clueless about the education system, the labour…

Two ways we can connect more adults to career services in Canada

In Canada, only 19% of adults report using career services – lower than in other…